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Many roofers these days are working without insurance. Estimates of inadequately insured roofers can be as high as 75%. So, what happens if a roofer gets injured on your roof? Who is liable if an accident causes damage to your home or property? With uninsured roofing "companies", you may have received a lower quote on the roofing job, but your risk is much higher.

Implications of Carrying the Proper Liability Insurance.
Since roofing is considered to be a high risk profession, carrying the proper liability coverage is a necessity. Roofer's insurance is relatively expensive. Many contractors try to cheat by not carrying the proper insurance. They will often negate to mention that their company does roofing. If this is the case, the roofer and the business will be walking on thin ice. Accidents are unforeseen, and carrying the proper insurance policy is the best, and safest, way to protect the roofer as well as the customer. When in doubt the best and safest way to be sure your contractor has proper roofing liability insurance and workers compensation insurance is to call their insurance agent and acquire yourself and have them issue you a certificate of insurance.

At Taylor Construction we carry roofers liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance to guarantee that our customers' interest are fully protected.


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